Handmade silver and gold jewelry with precious and

semi-precious stones and vitreous enamel.

Wayne Houston is one of a small group of people worldwide who combine the ancient art of enameling with hand fabrication of jewelry. CoverPhotoEnameling is the centuries-old process of fusing ground glass to metal with high heat. It is a very difficult medium to control and requires that the enamelist understand the intricate interplay of metal, glass and heat. It demands an understanding of color used three-dimensionally, the value of line and how high heat effects the metal, the glass and the oxides contained in the glass.

Wayne combines silver and gold, precious and semi-precious stones and vitreous enamel to bring a color explosion to his jewelry. Each piece is individually handcrafted and one of a kind. Using old world techniques of enameling, soldering, forging and fabrication Wayne turns glass, rock and metal in pieces of Art.

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