About Wayne Houston

Wayne Houston is a Wisconsin Artist currently working in Art Jewelry, digital photography and leather carving (utilitarian & paintings).
Houston graduated from Hofstra University (NY) in ‘72 with a BS degree in Fine Arts Education (Magna cum Laude). He went on the complete a two year apprenticeship with Mikhail Zakin in pottery. Houston also attended Hofstra University Graduate School, New College, with a major in Interdisciplinary Studies in Crafts.
Houston’s Art Jewelry is known for his contemporary interpretation of classic designs produced by using the more traditional silversmith and goldsmith techniques.
As an instructor and technical advisor in the areas of jewelry, Art jewelry design & fabrication, pottery, glassblowing , glaze chemistry , kiln design & construction, blacksmithing for craftsman, Raku techniques and leather carving, his expertise and commitment to art spans 40 plus years.
His work at the Brooklyn Museum Art School in NY, the Long Island Craftsman’s Guild and at Hofstra University was recognized in both the New York Times and Newsday.
Public Television (Channel 21) in New York ran a piece on his Glassblowing and the New York State Dept of Education created a training film in which Houston taught Basic Wheel throwing techniques.
Many of his works for individual collectors are commissioned pieces. All of his Art Jewlery and leather work are one of a kind signed, dated and stamped.
Houston’s work resides with private collectors in the Northeast, Midwest, Southeast and West since the early 1970’s. His larger gallery exhibitions (both group & one man shows) have been primarily in the Northeast. Currently, he has lent his support to a few small local galleries northwest of Madison and in the Northwoods area. Houston resides in both of these locations and believes that while it is necessary to think about Art with a Global perspective, it is also important to support your local businesses, in an effort to bring art into the smaller communities.
Wayne Houston