Wayne Houston

I have always made things. As an adolescent it was a way for me to feel good about myself, especially when others enjoyed the finished product. As I matured I became more and more concerned with craftsmanship and the thought process behind the design of a particular piece. I began to think more seriously about the reasons for making things a certain way, how the design works with the intended function. I continually strive to create beauty through the control of and manipulation of materials that seek to not be controlled.

I always start with a vision of the piece in my head. I see a person wearing it, I watch how it lays, how it moves, how it fits the purpose for which it was intended. Color is part of that fitting, sometimes via colored gemstones but primarily through use of vitreous enamel and colored gemstones. Jewelry makes people happy, marks a special occasion or simply helps a person to decorate themselves in a way that separates them from those around them. I make jewelry that is one-of-a-kind and enables a person to express their individuality through their jewelry.

Having grown up by the ocean, my work reflects a lot of the organic forms found there. The curves of the human form make it easy to incorporate the Art Nouveau movement into my art, but I also grew up in a large city with great architecture and sometimes the pull of Art Deco and architecture lead me to work in contrast to the curves found in the human form. In either situation, what could be better than being able to produce art that is used to decorate the human form.